The centre is equipped with latest communication aids, air-conditioned lecture hall and workshop with modern facilities for classroom & actual hands-on-training in Welding & Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

The Centre has Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Welding equipments including Eight axis articulated arm robot with positioner to operate Plasma transferred arc pulsed 350-amp power source, High velocity oxy-fuel systems, Arc spray systems and flame spray guns. The Centre has manipulators for down hand welding capability.

The Centre has purchased “Augmented Welding Simulator” from Spain by which participants can have a feel of virtual welding practice and learn about influence of parameters in actual condition.

Workshop is equipped with Welding Equipments for hand-on training for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, PAW.:

  • 2-Axis Rotator
  • Lorch V50 DC
  • Lorch MicorMIG 350
  • Lorch MicorMIG 400
  • Lorch S5RoboMIG XT
  • Lorch HWT 220DC ControlPro
  • Fronius Welding Machine
  • Kuka Robot (6 & 9 Axis)
  • Welding Simulator (Virtual Welding)
  • Real time welding data logger for monitoring welding parameters like Ampere, Voltage, speed & gas.